Let’s Keep Santa Monica Local

We Want to Keep Santa Monica Local

Santa Monica has a distinct charm that makes it one of the best cities in America to live, work, and visit. It is home to numerous local restaurants and businesses make spending time with family and friends special. Our city is vibrant, upbeat, and full of energy – and we are proud to show it off.

Our City Council has supported local business and we want them to continue to support local business by rejecting a measure (known as an LPA) that would threaten and drive away our local businesses. The LPA will destroy the vibrancy and character of Santa Monica by accelerating the corporatization of the our town with national chain restaurants and businesses.

Let’s Protect Our Hometown

We treasure the local businesses that make our community what it is, and we will do anything possible to prevent our home from becoming just another corporate town filled with chains found in any city across the U.S.

We’re already seeing its effects:

  • Family-run Pacific Park is now owned by a national company based in Oklahoma City.
  • Family-owned restaurant on the pier is now owned by the company that runs Planet Hollywood.
  • Local businesses across the city including Main Street have now been replaced by national chains.

Take Action Today and Keep Santa Monica Local!

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We oppose the LPA and ask The Santa Monica City Council to reject it. Let’s keep Santa Monica local!